Nakamichi CDP-2E

This cd player has been in my possession for a while and maybe it can sound a bit better with some upgrades. Here the fun started!

Original VS Upgraded

The picture on the left is the player in standard form and on the right is the upgraded version.

CDP-2E in it’s standard form

in original condition the CD player sounds better than many other players equipped with a TDA-1541A DAC. It has a very good power distribution with separate lines for the analogue and digital part. The TK electrolytic capacitors found in this player are not that bad but can upgraded with some newer and more audiophile components. Around the voltage regulators the solder joints most of the time come lose, so replace the solder with new solder is needed on a few places of the board.

The decoupling caps around the TDA-1541A DAC are also not bad at all but can be upgraded with caps with a higher value which wil give the sound more brilliance/trebble in my opinion.

Upgraded CDP-2E

To compare the sound of some opamps now there are Dip sockets and also now is a socket below the DAC to compare a TDA-1541A with a TDA-1541A-S1.

The Result:

This is a real “audiophile” cd player, one of the best 16bit, analogue sounding. Sound stage is spatial, more defined and a lot of brilliance!

Replaced components

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